TriadCity Message of the Day

Building on their recent success with The Star Stone and Legendary Sword of Arthur Pewty, TriadCity's sometimes whimsical NorthWesterners have opened an entirely — this time we promise it's entirely — unserious monument to silliness.

The Great Ifsandsorbuts, a low, squat idol with the crossed legs of a seated Buddha and the flat green head of an oversized toad has been said to offer words of wisdom. Or not. Depending.

Most of Izzy's inspired sayings are perverbs. A few are malaphors while others are just silly. He kindof belongs in the part of the Southern Third devoted to language games, alongside lipograms, Anguish Langish, rhyming slang, and other mutations. But, it feels like he's happy where he is. On the west side of Lenny Bruce Street, between the Star Stone and the Hungry I.

Some of our favorites:

  • "The road to hell is paved with Jack, a dull boy."
  • "Spare the rod, spoil the broth."
  • "Once bitten, three's a crowd."
  • "Too many cooks are another man's poison."
  • "The squeaky wheel gets two in the bush."

Meet you in the city!

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