TriadCity Message of the Day

Specialized new shops are appearing around the City.

Unlike conventional merchants, these shop owners are collectors of particular Item types or materials. For example: dolls; or ruby eq; or knives of a certain composition. Where "collector" means, the shop owners buy only from auction — not over the counter.

We're sure you see where this is going.

With NPCs buying from auction, players have new opportunities for wealth acquisition. Found a super-rare herb? A big stash of sapphire slippers? Try Auctioning it. Even if there are no other players online, there may well be a buyer.

You should note, these collectors are frequently more expert regarding the value of Items than we humans are. They have access to 20+ years of auction results, allowing them to fine-tune their bids. We'll let you mull that for a bit.

These shops are located exactly where you would expect — and in totally obscure corners you'll have to ferret. 'Cos that's how we roll.

Meet you in the city!

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