Why Join SmartMonsters?

All our games are blind-friendly and can always be played for free. Registration is free and painless: just fill in the form!

Membership includes:

  • TriadCity, our critically-acclaimed textual virtual world, with thousands of players from all over the globe. TriadCity is blind-friendly, has more women players than men, and is often cited as a new literary form.
  • Midgaard, is our emulation of the old-school adventure MUDs of the 1990s. It's swords-and-dragons at its most classic. You'll storm castles, throw magical fireballs, discover dwarves and elves and goblins, make friends — and have fun!
  • Dungeon, emulates the classic interactive text adventure of 1977, later known commercially as Zork. A single-player puzzle World, it's our homage to one of the most influential computer games of all time.
  • More to come! Watch this space.
  • Write access to our bulletin boards, including the TriadCity Players board, feature requests, suggestions, bug reports, and others. You're welcome to read all these boards without becoming a member; but only members can write.

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