What is SmartMonsters?

SmartMonsters develops challenging, blind-friendly games for grownups, played for free via the 'net.

We've taken a gaming tradition with a retro pedigree — MUDs, MUSHs, MOOs, text adventures — and pushed it to levels of sophistication far beyond the genre.

Our flagship, TriadCity, is so advanced it's cited by The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism as a new form of literature. It's blind-friendly, has more women players than men, emphasizes co-operative game play over competition, and offers multiple roads to character growth without privileging violence. It also has the most sophisticated game AI anywhere.

Midgaard is our emulation of the old-school adventure MUDs of the 1990s. It's swords-and-dragons at its most classic. You'll storm castles, throw magical fireballs, discover dwarves and elves and goblins, make friends. While its World is lovingly retro, it runs on the SmartMonsters platform, where Midgaard, TriadCity, Dungeon, and new Worlds to come are interlinked as subregions within a broader Universe.

Dungeon emulates the classic interactive text adventure of 1977, later known commercially as Zork. Despite running on the SmartMonsters platform it's radically different to our other games. A single-player puzzle World, it's our homage to one of the most influential computer games of all time.

Others will follow, including all-new companion Worlds to TriadCity whose "laws of physics" are unique to the MORPG medium. Watch this space.

Games For Smart Grownups

SmartMonsters writes for adults. Our players prefer reading to cartoons. Our games are blind-friendly, and we have more women players than men. Welcome!

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