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Website accessibility enhancements for the visually impaired - WEI-ARIA and HTML5  XML
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Mark Phillips

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Our website has been upgraded to implement parts of the WEI-ARIA standard for Accessible Rich Internet Applications. WEI-ARIA helps screen readers and other assistive technologies better navigate web pages, making the experience less cumbersome for the visually impaired. We're trying to keep our site as friendly as possible for users of assistive technologies; this is one significant step.

Our implementation today is what WEI-ARIA calls "Landmark Roles". This is a handful of page markup tags which help assistive technologies better understand the structure of pages. For example, this makes it much simpler for screen readers to differentiate menus from main content from banner ads, allowing users to navigate the page with far fewer commands.

As WEI-ARIA is finalized, we'll implement additional portions of the specification, particularly in the small number of deeply dynamic regions of our pages.

Additionally, we've implemented many of the new markup possibilities introduced by the HTML5 standard, for similar purposes.

Readers who are not users of assistive technologies should find no differences at all.

Future enhancements to TriadCity, and to new text-based online games in the works, will focus on making these textual environments fully adaptable to assistive technologies, allowing the blind or severely visually impaired to experience them without compromise. Please watch this space.

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