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Meghan Culber

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I’m a level 15 Warrior with better gear than anything in Midgaard City can match. 222 hit points, 111 armor, 13 dex, 30 hit, 4-15 dam. Quaffed a strength potion, put me at 41. Ordinarily it would be bad etiquette to hunt in Midgaard City since nothing there can take me. I’m on a special mission though to kill the evil Elf Elstar so that I can compare his impressive knife with my generic bardiche, to write the values to the forum. To do that I need to drop my drift to full Evil, so that when it drifts back positive as I fight my way through Elstar’s Orcs and Elstar himself, I’ll still be Evil — otherwise I won’t be able to pick up his knife. After asking other players if it’s ok, I go to the West Gate to kill the 5 guards there. That’ll drop my alignment to where I need it.

I start the fight, as expected they all gang me. I’m fighting 5 Cityguards. That’s ok, they can’t hurt me enough to kill me. I kill the first guard when a Peacekeeper wanders through. BANZAII! Then a wandering Cityguard, then another Peacekeeper. It’s me against 5 guards and 2 Peacekeepers. I kill 2 more guards but 2 more wander in, then another Peacekeeper. I suddenly understand, this could go on literally infinitely: if the 5 stationary guards respawn while I’m fighting the cops which wander in, I’ll never be able to finish them all!

This threatens to happen. At one point I’m down to a final Peacekeeper when the respawn ads those 5 stationary Cityguards, and more wander in. At one point, I’m fighting 6 Cityguards and 4 Peacekeepers single-handed!!

Well, I decide to go make a sandwich. Turkey, provolone, avocado and red onion with honey-dijon dressing on multigrain, with chips, pickles, and Diet Pepsi. You ask why I’m fat? Bad genes.

When I return the fight has nearly completed. Two final Cityguards. Then 1. Then: victory is mine!!!

I copied the game channel output to show you the final tally:

Inside The West Gate Of Midgaard
You are by two small towers that have been built into the city wall and connected with a
footbridge across the heavy wooden gate. Main Street leads east and Wall Road leads south from here.
The corpse of the cityguard lies here, dead. (x20)
The corpse of the Peacekeeper lies here, dead. (x5)

Beat that body count, bitches!
Lisa Chau

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Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
Mark Phillips

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Good sandwich!

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