Our version of Midgaard translates the World files from the CircleMUD 3.1 distribution to the TriadCity server platform with modifications to span the differences between the two systems. Please note that we are not "running" either CircleMUD or the original DikuMUD from which it derives. We've done our best to emulate the Diku/Circle World using our very different technology platform and game system.

We've bent over backward to comply with all license requirements, including adding the 'credits' command and the 'help circlemud' command referenced below.

These are the original copyright notices, as required:

/* ************************************************************************
 *  Copyright (C) 1995 by Jeremy Elson                                    *
 *  All Rights Reserved                                                   *
 ************************************************************************ */

                        CircleMUD License

CircleMUD was created by:

Jeremy Elson
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD  21218  USA

CircleMUD is licensed software.  This file contains the text of the CircleMUD
license.  If you wish to use the CircleMUD system in any way, or use any of
its source code, you must read this license and are legally bound to comply
with it.

CircleMUD is a derivative work based on the DikuMUD system written by Hans
Henrik Staerfeldt, Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Michael Seifert, and Sebastian
Hammer.  DikuMUD is also licensed software; you are legally bound to comply
with the original DikuMUD license as well as the CircleMUD license if you
wish to use CircleMUD.

Use of the CircleMUD code in any capacity implies that you have read,
understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set down by this
license and the DikuMUD license.  If you use CircleMUD without complying with
the license, you are breaking the law.

Using CircleMUD legally is easy.  In short, the license requires three things:

1) You must not use CircleMUD to make money or be compensated in any way.
2) You must give the authors credit for their work.
3) You must comply with the DikuMUD license.

That's it -- those are the main conditions set down by this license.
Unfortunately, past experience has shown that many people are not willing
to follow the spirit of the license, so the remainder of this document will
clearly define those conditions in an attempt to prevent people from
circumventing them.

The first condition says that you must not use CircleMUD to make money in
any way or be otherwise compensated.  CircleMUD was developed in people's
uncompensated spare time and was given to you free of charge, and you must
not use it to make money.  CircleMUD must not in any way be used to
facilitate your acceptance of fees, donations, or other compensation.
Examples include, but are not limited to the following:

-- If you run CircleMUD, you must not require any type of fee or donation
in exchange for being able to play CircleMUD.  You must not solicit,
offer or accept any kind of donation from your players in exchange for
enhanced status in the game such as increased levels, character stats,
gold, or equipment.

-- You must not solicit or accept money or other donations in exchange for
running CircleMUD.  You must not accept money or other donations from
your players for purposes such as hardware upgrades for running

-- You must not sell CircleMUD.  You must not accept any type of fee in
exchange for distributing or copying CircleMUD.

-- If you are a CircleMUD administrator, You must not accept any type of
reimbursement for money spent out of pocket for running CircleMUD, i.e.,
for equipment expenses or fees incurred from service providers.

The second part of the license states that you must give credit to the
creators of CircleMUD.  A great deal of work went into the creation of
CircleMUD, and it was given to you completely free of charge; claiming that
you wrote the MUD yourself is a slap in the face to everyone who worked to
bring you a high quality product while asking for nothing but credit for
their work in return.

Specifically, the following are required:

-- The text in the 'credits' file distributed with CircleMUD must be
preserved.  You may add your own credits to the file, but the existing
text must not be removed, abridged, truncated, or changed in any way.
This file must be displayed when the 'credits' command is used from
within the MUD.

-- The "CIRCLEMUD" help entry must be maintained intact and unchanged, and
displayed in its entirety when the 'help circlemud' command is used.

-- The login sequence must contain the names of the DikuMUD and CircleMUD
creators.  The 'login sequence' is defined as the text seen by players
between the time they connect to the MUD and when they start to play
the game itself.

-- This license must be distributed AS IS with all copies or portions of
the CircleMUD that you distribute, if any, including works derived from

-- You must not remove, change, or modify any notices of copyright,
licensing or authorship found in any CircleMUD source code files.

-- Claims that any of the above requirements are inapplicable to a particular
MUD for reasons such as "our MUD is totally rewritten" or similar are
completely invalid.  If you can write a MUD completely from scratch then
you are encouraged to do so by all means, but use of any part of the
CircleMUD or DikuMUD source code requires that their respective licenses
be followed, including the crediting requirements.

The third part of the license simply states that you must comply with the
DikuMUD license.  This is required because CircleMUD is a DikuMUD derivative.
The DikuMUD license is included below.

You are allowed to use, modify and redistribute all CircleMUD source code
and documentation as long as such use does not violate any of the rules
set down by this license.

--Jeremy Elson

CircleMUD 3 -- Copyright (C) 1994-2001, The CircleMUD Group
Other portions copyright by authors as noted in ChangeLog and source code.


Everything below this line is the original, unmodified DikuMUD license.
You must comply with the CircleMUD license above, as well as the DikuMUD
license below.


/* ************************************************************************
*  Copyright (C) 1990, 1991                                               *
*  All Rights Reserved                                                    *
************************************************************************* */

DikuMud License

Program & Concept created by

Sebastian Hammer
Prss. Maries Alle 15, 1
1908 Frb. C.

Michael Seifert
Nr. Soeg. 37C, 1, doer 3
1370 Copenhagen K.

Hans Henrik St{rfeldt
Langs} 19
3500 V{rl|se

Tom Madsen
R|de Mellemvej 94B, 64
2300 Copenhagen S.

Katja Nyboe
Kildeg}rdsvej 2
2900 Hellerup
31 62 82 84

This document contains the rules by which you can use, alter or publish
parts of DikuMud. DikuMud has been created by the above five listed persons
in their spare time, at DIKU (Computer Science Instutute at Copenhagen
University). You are legally bound to follow the rules described in this


!! DikuMud is NOT Public Domain, shareware, careware or the like !!

You may under no circumstances make profit on *ANY* part of DikuMud in
any possible way. You may under no circumstances charge money for
distributing any part of dikumud - this includes the usual $5 charge
for "sending the disk" or "just for the disk" etc.
By breaking these rules you violate the agreement between us and the
University, and hence will be sued.

You may not remove any copyright notices from any of the documents or
sources given to you.

This license must *always* be included "as is" if you copy or give
away any part of DikuMud (which is to be done as described in this

If you publish *any* part of dikumud, we as creators must appear in the
article, and the article must be clearly copyrighted subject to this
license. Before publishing you must first send us a message, by
snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us what, where and when you are
publishing (remember to include your address, name etc.)

If you wish to setup a version of DikuMud on any computer system, you
must send us a message , by snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us where
and when you are running the game. (remember to include 
your address, name etc.)

Any running version of DikuMud must include our names in the login
sequence. Furthermore the "credits" command shall always cointain
our name, addresses, and a notice which states we have created DikuMud.

You are allowed to alter DikuMud, source and documentation as long as
you do not violate any of the above stated rules.


The DikuMud Group


We hope you will enjoy DikuMud, and encourage you to send us any reports
on bugs (when you find 'it'). Remember that we are all using our spare
time to write and improve DikuMud, bugs, etc. - and changes will take their
time. We have so far put extremely many programming hours into this project.
If you make any major improvements on DikuMud we would be happy to
hear from you. As you will naturally honor the above rules, you will receive
new updates and improvements made to the game.