TriadCity's support for blind and visually impaired players

We work hard to make TriadCity welcoming to blind and visually impaired players. The web site is optimized for screen readers. There's a command-line alternative to every mouse or menu option. And a new-generation talking client is now in alpha. Here are some of the details:

Web site optimization

  • The SmartMonsters web site is HTML5 compliant and implements WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles for screen reader optimization.
  • Our site markup is straightforward, doesn't rely on images, and implements sensible tab orders.
  • An account setting called "Blind-Friendly" replaces images throughout the web site with text equivalents, making the site 100% textual, 100% image-free.
  • We test with VoiceOver, NVDA, and ChromeVox.

Commands for the visually impaired

Command-line alternatives to GUI menus, popup windows and other visual controls exist for the visually impaired. Commonly-used examples include attribute commands such as Energy, Health, Intelligence, Armor and so on. Additionally, every GUI menu item has a command-line equivalent. The complete list is here: list of commands assisting the visually impaired.

BlindMode can be toggled on, replacing popup alerts with messages written to the Game Channel.

Blindfriendly tells whether the Zone you're in is friendly to talking clients. If the answer's no, a short explanation follows, for example, "Large numbers of NPCs move quickly through here, making it hard for readers to keep up."

Text to Speech

  • The newer HTML5 client implements WAI-ARIA Live Regions, so some but not all screen readers handle it happily. A better solution is:

Talking Client Now in Alpha

A new HTML5 client with no displayed text at all is now in alpha. You still type to enter commands, but, the game talks to you in response. There are no buttons to push, menus to navigate, or other visual impedimenta. Interested in being an alpha tester? Hit us up!