Join SmartMonsters: Terms & Conditions

You knew this would happen! Our legalese is here to protect our members as well as our company. We want to ensure that you have a fun, hassle-free experience with us. By agreeing to these terms you help assure the same positive experience for everyone else.

  1. I will not practice any form of harassment, discrimination, or bias based on race, religion, gender, or sexual preference while playing SmartMonsters' games, visiting their Web site, or interacting with their systems in some other way. I understand that "any form" includes my use of language. I will immediately report any form of harassment I witness to an appropriate administrator.
  2. My contributions to SmartMonsters' games, Web site, or other systems are the exclusive property of SmartMonsters. Examples of "contributions" include posts to bulletin boards, my TriadCity characters, content I submit to TriadCity, and so on.
  3. I am accountable for my actions. I will provide a real email address where I can be contacted. I will provide my real name so that y'all will know who you're talking to. I will not create false accounts which hide my identity or enable tricks.
  4. I am responsible for my account. I will not loan my login to another player. I will take reasonable precautions to ensure that nobody else gains the ability to login to my account. I will notify SmartMonsters immediately if I suspect that someone else has logged-in to my account.
  5. I will inform SmartMonsters of all errors or glitches I discover while interacting with their systems.
  6. SmartMonsters is not responsible for anything which goes wrong with my computer, software or other systems while I'm playing their games, visiting their Web site, or interacting with their systems in some other way.
  7. These terms and conditions may change. It's my responsibility to keep myself informed of these changes. By logging in to my SmartMonsters account, I accept the version of these terms which is current at that time.