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How do I buy Items from merchants?

First use the "List" command. If you're using our Web client, a dialog box will open, showing you all the Items which the merchant currently has for sale. It's kindof a shopping cart sorta thing. Double-click an item you want to buy, to add it to your cart; or drag it there from the list. You'll be given your choice of paying with cash, or by transfer from your bank account. Click the radio button of your choice. Double-click or drag it again to remove it. Then click "Buy" when you're ready. That's it!

If you're using our Android or iOS client, or a MUD client, the list will appear as ordinary text. To make a purchase, use the "Buy" command. Be sure to type the description of the Item you're buying exactly as it's output by the List command. Your purchase will always be made from funds in your bank account, so be sure to have enough there. There you go!

Midgaard Web client with merchant cart showing
Midgaard Web client with merchant cart showing

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