What is TriadCity?

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TriadCity is an acclaimed virtual world made of words. It's blind-friendly, has more women players than men, and is cited by The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism as a new form of literature.

Where many games focus on "kill the monster" style adventuring, TriadCity explores themes which have been central to Western culture: good and evil, personal and collective identities, violence and nonviolence, freedom and slavery.

Because it's text, you read and type to play TriadCity. It's not a 3-D graphical environment such as World of Warcraft or Second Life. We find that our own ability to form excellent pictures in imagination is far more fulfilling. And, blind and visually impaired players are first-class citizens in TriadCity.

Because it's literature, narrative techniques from the novel and other traditions are incorporated. For example, various forms of player subjectivity are imposed, some relative, some radical. This means that character histories and views of the world are potentially unique to each individual. We know of no other "game" where this has ever been done.

We're proud to stress that TriadCity is friendly to women gamers. There are more active women than men players. Four of the top five players are women.

More details? Our comprehensive Reviewer's Guide is here. Wikipedia's excellent article is here.

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