Player Command Reference

Midgaard uses superbitchin computer technology to allow players to interact with the game world via natural styles of communication. For the most part, you can simply enter ordinary English and the Midgaard client will figure you out.

This isn't 100% true, though. Sometimes your quirky and unexpectedly charmingly personal sense of syntax can defeat our parser, superbitchin as it otherwise is. In these circumstances, or for you power users who like to keep your typing to the minimum, these links are a comprehensive reference to Midgaard's "canonical" commands.

Please note that all Midgaard commands can be Aliased to any keyboard combination you like.

Basic Commands: these are the commands you need to know in order to get started.

Commands available to all players, by category:

Commands available to specific character classes:

Commands to make life easier for MUD clients, including blind and visually impaired players:

Complete Player Command Reference: the entire player "vocabulary" for Midgaard, amaze your friends, be godlike in your erudition, win the Obscure Command of the Week Contest!

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