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Items are physical things you interact with in any number of ways. Depending on what they are, you might buy or sell them, eat or drink them, wear them, get or give them, hit or heal somebody with them, carry other Items in them, or really do an infinity of other possible things with them.

These are some of the most basic Item types you'll interact with:

  1. Clothing. There are many locations on your body where Items of clothing can be worn. Because our Midgaard is an emulation running on the TriadCity platform, these are more locations than the original — and there are also piercings and tattoos not listed here. Not all of these Items are thus available inside Midgaard — although you could theoretically pop over to TriadCity to buy them there:
    • Head. Hats, headbands, shawls, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Face. Glasses, bandannas, goggles, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Ears. Hearing aids or other prosthetics. 2 Items worn at a time.
    • Nose. Scent enhancers or other prosthetics. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Neck. Scarves, cloaks, necklaces, pendants, etc. 2 Items worn at a time.
    • Body. Shirts, bullet-proof vests, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Back. Backpacks, papooses, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Arms. Sleeves, bracers, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Wrists. Bracelets, trinkets, etc. 4 Items worn at a time.
    • Hands. Gloves, gauntlets, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Fingers. Rings, etc. 4 Items worn at a time.
    • Waist. Belts, sashes, holsters, sheathes, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Legs. Pants, greaves, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Feet. Shoes, boots, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Over all. Coats, etc. 1 Item worn at a time.
    • Held. Torch, key, etc. 1 Item held at a time.
    • Wielded. Weapon. 1 Item wielded at a time.
  2. Food, in very many varieties. Some food is better than others: it'll lessen your hunger, provide more nutrition, while filling you less. In Midgaard it's possible to stuff yourself full of junk food and die of starvation: see food tips for more info.
  3. Drink, also in many varieties. Like food, some drink is better than others.
  4. Containers, of many varieties. Simple bags abound; but there are many which are more elaborate.
  5. Weapons, of many varieties. Unlike TriadCity, weapon Skills are unnecessary. All are lethal.
  6. Musical instruments, keys, money, treasures... You get the idea.

Items in Midgaard will decay if unused. Those stored away inside Inn Rooms, storage sheds, or hoards of one kind or another have various chances of slowly disappearing. The more rare, valuable, or difficult an Item is to find, the less likely to decay.

Note that you cannot take Midgaard Items out of the Midgaard World. If you try, they'll be Donated as you cross the portal. Be mindful of the consequences of journeys through the Multiverse.

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