How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Midgaard is an emulation of old-school MUD Worlds from the 1990s. It runs on the TriadCity World platform; but the World which players interact with was contributed back then by multiple authors at multiple times for multiple MUDs. This table lists the Zones available in our version of Midgaard, and their authors. Players may additionally use the 'Author' command in-game to learn the author of their current Zone.

Zone Author(s)
ArachnosMahatma of HexOynx
Drow CityRorschach of Alfa
God Simplex (bulletin boards)CircleMUD, modified by Taz of Tazmania
King Welmar's CastlePjotr and Sapowox of CircleMUD; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Miden'NirCopper II of DikuMUD; rewritten for MercMUD by VampLestat; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Midgaard CityDikuMud
MoriaRedferne of DikuMud; modified by Furry of VieMUD
New ThalosDuke and Conner of SillyMud; modified by Furry of VieMUD
Newbie ZoneMaynard of StrangeMUD
Old ThalosRorschach of Alfa
Rand's TowerAmanda Eterniale of C.A.W.
Redferne's ResidenceRedferne of DikuMud; modified by Cyron of VieMud
RomeOnivel of JediMUD
The Chessboard of MidgaardExxon of SillyMUD
The Dwarven KingdomDepeche of DikuMud
The Great Eastern DesertRorschach of Alfa
The Great PyramidAndersen of HexOynx; modified by Furry of VieMUD
The Haon-Dor ForestQuifael of DikuMud; modified by Derkhil of CircleMUD
The High Tower Of SorcerySkylar of SillyMUD; modified by Furry of VieMUD
The Orc EnclaveBuilder_5 & Serene of C.A.W.
The River Island of MinosMahatma of HexOynx
The SewersRedferne of DikuMud
The Straight PathSteppin of ChicagoMUD
The Three Of SwordsAmanda Eterniale & Builder_5 of C.A.W.

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