Mobile clients for Midgaard

Welcome (us) to the 21st Century! Our games are fully mobile-enabled, with native clients designed for simple, intuitive navigation. Our goal is to empower you to do everything within your mobile device for which you formerly needed this Web site.


  • Simple, straightforward graphical interface with minimal controls.
  • All major game and account functions available in-app, without having to exit to the Web site.
  • Graphical displays of character state: health, energy, attributes, skills, etc.
  • Manage chat channels, natural language parsing, and other features.
  • Character maintenance: health, energy, experience, Skills.
  • On iOS, store login creds in the Keychain; share them among devices via iCloud.
  • Access the Players' Guide, FAQ, Message of the Day and other website resources directly within the app.
  • Create new characters.
  • Fully mobile: works happily over WiFi or cellular data.
  • Female-friendly: we've had more women players than men for over 20 years.
  • Very friendly community — apparently all the mean people go to WoW 'cos we have none; even our bulletin-boards are safe!
  • Thousands of players from all over the world.
  • Guest login w/limited features if you just wanna check it out.

Midgaard in the Google Play Store (Android)
Midgaard in the Apple App Store (iOS)

Screen Shots

Android and iOS mobile apps: click to enlarge:
Midgaard iPhone client
Midgaard iPhone client
Midgaard iPhone client
Midgaard iPhone client
Midgaard iOS Client in landscape
iPad (landscape)
Midgaard Android Client

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