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What tips can you suggest to help newbies get started?

Read the Players' Guide. It's not super long, and it includes a great deal of material you'll want to master.

Learn the basic commands. There are only about twenty of these, and they're easy to get used to. These are the ones you'll need in order to get around, interact with other players, etc.

Stay in character. Your character is the creativity you contribute to the "fiction" of the game world: your share of our collective authorship. You should focus on that, not the "real" you.

Use the description command to tell the world what your character looks like; and the title command to provide a short but interesting tag for display by the who command and the Who's On page. These two steps go some way toward beginning the process of individualizing your character.

Get some clothes! Naked newbies are embarrassing! There are usually free clothes inside the Donation Room at the Temple.

Chat with other players. Ask questions, ask for suggestions, ask for help. Higher-level players are expected to assist younger ones, so don't be shy.

Use the Consider command before attacking NPCs. Don't take on battles you can't win.

Group with others. High-level players can help keep you safe while you explore. Groups with mixed abilities can better handle the more difficult challenges.

Be friendly. Other players are your best resource.

Have any other tips for young characters? Let everybody know! Post them to the bulletin boards, and we'll "promote" them to the FAQ if they're appropriate.

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