Frequently-Asked Questions

What's the point of the game?, AKA, what am I trying to achieve by playing?

Midgaard is an old-school "hack and slash" MUD whose goal is to grow your character by gaining experience points and rising in level. The more points you earn, the higher your level; the higher your level, the greater your capabilities. Gaining levels opens access to new commands which are increasingly more powerful; and it makes you more accomplished with the commands you already know.

To do this you'll need to explore the World; and to do that, you'll need to befriend other players. Midgaard is an inherently social experience: many of its toughest challenges can only be met by groups. The majority of Midgaard's commands are social: expressing emotion, chatting, sharing. Your degree of sociability is entirely up to you. But, the environment favors team players over lone wolves.

Generations of players have found this World and others like it to be fun and absorbing. We hope you will too!

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