Midgaard Message of the Day

Greetings, dragonslayer!

SmartMonsters' emulation of the classic text adventures of the 1990s is online for alpha testing.

Midgaard emulates the core World of the DikuMUD / CircleMUD adventure tradition. As an emulation it's served from a drastically different code base than the original. The TriadCity platform is not only written in different languages than the originals; it's designed with different purposes, based on contrasting philosophies of what textual virtual worlds can be. Our emulation feels remarkably close to the original! But it's not exactly the same.

"Alpha" means things are still rough-and-ready. The complete world, around 3,000 rooms, is fully implemented. We're still smoothing out differences between Dungeon and TriadCity mechanics and messaging, and much experience and experimentation will be needed to equalize the attributes and capabilities of Midgaard and TriadCity characters to enable them to happily visit each others' Worlds.

Thank you so much for participating! As we do with TriadCity, we'll find ways to reward your characters for your patience while things aren't completely baked.

Meet you in The Middle Ages!