Midgaard Message of the Day

Our intrepid experts Meghan and Lisa are meticulously playing our Midgaard side-by-side with an original CircleMUD. They'll enter the same Room in both, issue the same commands, and so on. Looking for bugs in our emulation, or more simply for differences in messaging. Thanks!

At their request we've implemented the original syntax for spell-casting. Now you have your choice: you can <cast 'fireball' guard> or <cast fireball guard>, where the version with the single quotes is the original.

Note that when using the original syntax multi-word spells include the space between words. Thus: <cast 'chill touch' guard>. Or continue with our simpler version: <cast chilltouch guard>

We did this 'cos they were getting confused moving between the two environments. This makes the commands identical. But that's the goal, after all.

Stay safe out there! Meet you in The Middle Ages!