How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Character Classes: Cleric

Clerics are magic users whose capabilities tilt toward nature. They can remove curses, detect poison, provide magical armor. But they're not just healers. They have offensive abilities including calling down lightning strikes, causing earthquakes, and causing blindness. In a group they're prized for their abilities to re-energize the tired, heal the wounded, and confound enemies.

These are the Spells which Clerics can Learn and the Levels at which they become available:

  1. Armor; Cure Light
  2. Create Water; Create Food
  3. Detect Poison
  4. Cure Blindness; Detect Evil; Detect Alignment
  5. Bless
  6. Blindness; Detect Invisible
  7. Infravision
  8. Protect From Evil; Poison
  9. Cure Critical; Group Armor
  10. Summon; Remove Poison
  11. Earthquake; Word Of Recall
  12. Detect Evil; Detect Good; Dispel Evil; Dispel Good
  13. Call Lightning; Sanctuary
  14. Heal
  15. Control Weather
  16. Harm
  17. Group Heal
  18. Remove Curse

The Clerics' Guild, with its Spell Master, is one move south and one east from the ATM at the Midgaard Temple.

All Clerics automatically Level at the same thresholds of Experience. The table is here.

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