How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Experience Bonuses

Experience can be accumulated extra-fast under certain conditions. These "bonuses" are automatically applied:

  • Groups. Grouping with other players adds a 5% exp bonus per group member. So, if there are 10 members in a group, each member receives 50% extra exp for every exp-generating action performed. Grouping is a very effective way of gaining exp rapidly.
  • Connect time.. Your character gains a 5% exp bonus for each hour continuously logged-in. So, if you've been on for two hours, you'll receive a 10% exp bonus, up to a maximum of 60% for 12 hours or more, after which we think you're barking mad and that's all you deserve. Anyway. The longer you play, the faster you accumulate.
  • Repeat play.. You'll get 10% extra for playing every day. It works this way. If you were logged in for at least 30 minutes yesterday, you'll receive the 10% bonus today. This applies to all of your characters. Simple!
  • Saturdays.. There's a 25% bonus all day each Saturday, where "Saturday" means Pacific Time. It's Midgaard party day! Woo-hoo!

These bonuses are cumulative. Like this. It's Saturday, your character has been on for 12 hours, you played for at least 30 minutes Friday, and you're part of a group of 10 players. You'll receive a whopping 145% experience bonus. Pretty cool!

Most of these bonuses aren't "native" to the old MUDs. They're part of the TriadCity platform, and we've left them operative in Midgaard because we like them. Cheers!

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