How to Play Midgaard

The Midgaard Players' Guide

Midgaard in the Multiverse: Multiple Worlds

Midgaard is one World within a Multiverse of interconnected Worlds, each with unique challenges, personalities, and laws of physics.

It is possible to move between them. However there are consequences of which to be mindful. You're unable to bring any Items with you when you leave Midgaard. Your level or personal attributes may change or may have different meanings. In TriadCity your Midgaard character class is meaningless — and on your first visit there you'll be without TriadCity Skills. This will place you at significant disadvantage.

One critical distinction is that in different Worlds death has contrasting consequences. In Midgaard, death is inconvenient, but your character is "reincarnated" automatically with loss of exp. In TriadCity, death is permanent. In Dungeon you're forced to start over, but you're not penalized, and you can ">Restore to a previous ">Save point. The laws of physics of the World you occupy at the moment of death are the ones which apply.

Still. Explore! Just always be mindful of the consequences of journeys through the portals.

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