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TriadCity Character
This new code includes:

1. Support for remote robots. "Robots" are stand-alone programs that connect to the TC server in the same way that players do, via the 'net. Unlike TC's standard NPCs which have to share the TC server's own processing power, 'bots can run on dedicated machines, giving them potential access to more computing horsepower. We plan to implement a series of "classic" chatterbots including Eliza, Parry, Julia, Puff, and a few others; and of course to write some very interesting ones of our own. Watch the MOTD for news.

2. Infrastructure for character Roles. Hopefully the completed Roles system will be online shortly.

3. Infrastructure for Inns -- that is, places to stash your stuff when you log out.

4. Misc. minor bug fixes.


Bartle quotiet: E80, A67, S47, K7. TriadCity characters: Mark, Poobah, Occam, Abelard.
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