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Joshua Finken

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There is a need in TC for a stable and reliable way to send and recieve messages and items throughout the city. Many buisnesses have failed because, while the shop would be open for 24 hours, the people to recieve the package needed to be inside the city at the same time as the sender. This, and the fact that the best way to communicate with someone when they were away from the city was the BBS, has led me to start a large project to bring a new system of parcel exhange into TC.

So inovative this concept, that the only way to do it was to take the blueprint of mailing services of other nations and tweek it to fit within the walls of this great city.

There will be three Post Offices, one for each third; and there will be a goal for the overall project...

And they are!

* Post Office Boxes for personal use. These will be rentable, and vary in size.

* Each third can send and recieve mail from other thirds. Open communication is key!

* The ability to send items as well as letters though the mail

* Stamps! Collectable and for some people in TC, an acceptable form of currency.

*Letters and Parcels can be sent to an address (players house), P.O. Box or directly to the person (for an special fee, of course).

On a special note, I intend to make each Post Office worth exploring. Make sure to keep your eyes open or you may miss something!

Also, a lot of the parcels that travel into and out of the Post Office will be carried by a worker. Which means you could follow them... and perhaps even be able to liberate the package from their care. (though i have no intention of doing this with player-sent parcels)

There are more things planned and I will update this page as they unfold.
So bookmark this page to be the first to know!
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Lisa Chau

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I love these ideas!

Chiensha, Moorea, Vicodin, Xanax, Zoloft.
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