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Jordan West

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Month of Spiders 3, Year of the Boar 8:
Whoooosh! Gurgle. Gurgle. Roiling insides as the desire for sweets outweighs the knowledge of the impending chute.

Month of Spiders 4, Year of the Boar 8:
Was he feeling sticky from the sweltering heat or the McBaconChiliCheeseBurger tree?

Month of Spiders 5, Year of the Boar 8:
How long until race day? I think I shall wager on blue if I can ever find the bloody place!

Month of Spiders 6, Year of the Boar 8:
A dirty alley. A dark booth. Movies. Sickened.

Month of Spiders 7, Year of the Boar 8:
Haunted by the lifeless eyes of child slaves. A monument to freedom erected on Sanctuary Island.

Month of Spiders 8, Year of the Boar 8:
The roots of rebellion are sown by the words on these leaflets. I need to find a way to create them faster.

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