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Meghan Culber

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A bronze helmet: +6 armor
Cool newbie leggings: +4 armor
Cool newbie sleeves: +4 armor
A bright green newbie vest: +4 armor
A pair of leather gloves: +3 armor
A studded leather jacket: +3 armor
A pair of leather pants: +3 armor
A pair of leather sleeves: +2 armor
A leather cap: +3 armor
A shield: +2 armor
A pet dragon collar: -1 armor [avoid!]
A newbie signet ring: +2 armor [invisible]
A White Pawn's armour: +1 armor [no persist]
The smelly hide of the minotaur: +7 armor, +15 hitroll
The horns of the miniature: +2 armor, +1 str
Worn leather boots: +2 armor
A glinting silver ring: +11 armor
A pair of muddy boots: +4 armor, +15 move
A silvery cloak: +7 armor
The Thain girth: +5 armor, +2 wiz
A broad silver belt: + 6 armor
A black dragon scale skirt: +6 armor
A shimmering cloak of many colors: +15 armor
A green dragon scale shirt: +15 armor, +3 dex
Mercury's winged sandals: +8 armor, +2 dex, +10 move
Mars' red loincloth: +15 armor, +2 str, +2 dex
Emerald ring: +20 mana

A newbie dagger: +1-4 damroll
A long sword: +1-8 damroll
A White Pawn's sword: +3-12 damroll [no persist]
A bardiche: +4 hitroll, +3-12 damroll

A gnarled staff: casts Sleep

I guess I'm the only one who can add to this. Send me a PM and I'll add your info.

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