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Kerri Regan

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Hi all. This might’ve already been posted somewhere, so appologies for asking again. I’m looking to set up Crane as a rat or pigeon hunter now that they’ve reached Level 10. I found the guilds for both, but when I stop by the bar there never seems to be anyone in residence except the bartender. I tried apprenticing to him but that didn’t work. Is there somewhere else I should go or someone I should look for to take one of these roles? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Lisa Chau

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Only the most basic Role Masters are in the bars at the guilds. Warrior, Thief, Ranger, Malopath, a few others. Ditto their Skill teachrers. Actually now that I think about it, not every Role even has a guild.

The Rat Hunter guy is in the City Dump. Look for the dude wielding the Rat Stick.

I don't know where the Pigeon guy is but there are Pigeon Hunters everywhere in NE, have you tried asking them if they'll apprentice you?

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