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How Mages can punch above their weight  XML
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Meghan Culber

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Mages aren't usually great fighters, but you can use your Spells to improve your odds a lot.

'ChillTouch' halves the enemy's armor. So your attacks do more damage.

'Blindness' makes it less likely the enemy will land a blow on you.

'Armor' makes your armor value much better.

The sequence I use: first 'Armor' to protect myself. Then 'Blindness' on the target. This is safe - I haven't found an NPC that will attack while blind. Then 'ChillTouch' the target. This starts a fight but you're in better condition to win.

With this sequence I can kill NPCs which the 'Consider' command tells me 'You would need some luck!'

This is without wands or anything, just my spells.

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