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Eetu Lappalainen

Joined: 2019.10.26 00:00:00
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i need help with this, i cant seem to lose it

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Meghan Culber

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Hey there, you want to 'quaff' either a 'thick white potion' (Arachnos) or a 'dark blue potion' (New Thalos). There are probably many others we haven't discovered yet in the new zones. Those are the classics.
Lisa Chau

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I don't think that'll work. Quaffing the potion will remove a curse from yourself but not the items you carry or wear.

The only thing I can think of - is to die.

Put the rest of your gear somewhere safe, then go get killed. The cursed bracelet will remain with your corpse. Go collect your other stuff.

You'll lose a ton of xp but I'm pretty sure this will work.

(Unless you're a Cleric. Then learn the RemoveCurse spell, which will work on items you carry or wear.)

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