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Amanda Blackstone

Joined: 2023.07.27 00:00:00
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I was reviewing the elite package and it appears that some of the rewards are already in game even without being an elite account holder.
25% exp bonus
Wills to allow players to have gear to be transfered to next of kin etc.

If the administration is interested in ideas for elite accounts, I do have some if they would be interested.
Lisa Chau

Joined: 2003.06.02 00:00:00
Messages: 591
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai, HI

Hi Amanda:

The various bonuses are cumulative, not exclusive. Elite members receive an additional 25% bonus on top of the other bonuses which everyone can receive, for connect time, days in a row, the pandemic bonus, weekends, and so on. With the elite bonus I've seen my total cumulative bonus go as high as 150%.

In-game wills will transfer player houses and bank account balance to the heir, but not the equipment a dead player is wearing or carrying. The elite subscription adds that insurance.

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