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Catherine Gardiner

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I am a bit concerned that when Sago died today there were two strange anomalies. The first was that she was unable to flee, and although the clerk was barely damaging her, eventually he managed to kill her as she couldn't move away from him or fight him back much.

The second is that after her death, I tried to log in Sarith, her daughter, to regain her special eq. Sago had some pretty good stuff, including an ivory ring, and her very precious titanium bracelet given to her at her party, not to mention her other eq which cost a fortune and a lot of time to acquire.

Sadly the TC site would not allow me to log in. This was not a problem with my pc as I was able to access other sites easily. This has irritated and dismayed me somewhat. By the time I eventually could get back into TC Sago's body had vanished.

And a case like this, would antoher of my chars be able to access my inn room to get my eq I had stored there? Again, some pretty valuable and useful gear?

Help please!

Lisa Chau

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I think that your heir inherits your Inn room. Mark or Gary, is this so?

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Gary Smith

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That makes sense, but I don't know for sure.

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