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Sammie J

Joined: 2001.01.02 00:00:00
Messages: 110

Luciano's post about the new players reminded me that I still haven't done anything about the Newbie Guide.

I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions regarding what the Guide should show newbies, tell newbies, or have them experience whilst they are on her 'tour'?

Keep in mind that they will be following her, but she would be able to demonstrate some things such as use of emotes, how to open doors, etc.

Anyone have any experience as a newbie that they feel was a positive or negative experience that the newbie guid to emulate or prevent?
james fisher

Joined: 2001.12.02 00:00:00
Messages: 126

Just some thoughts off the top of my head. Show new players:

the temple of king and say where it's to level

the donation table and it's sign

the fountain and how to drink

the fruit trees on sanc island and how to get fruit

the graffito on the white bridge or inscriptions on sanc island and how you get xp for looking at them

The Atm in southeast corner of white plaza, useful and a good landmark.

A tour of the white plaza mall, especially the second floor where the learn instructor, elain, and americ are. Then definetly the herbalist shop and STRESS buying 2 bandaged arm herbs.

Maybe show them the grocer's and suggest buying a bottle or canteen, and tell them listing merchant's wares gives xp.
Catherine Gardiner

Joined: 2004.11.25 00:00:00
Messages: 190

I'd also add it would be good to have even further clarification on how exactly the various gems benefit a character. It took me ages to get that sorted. Which are best to buy/borrow, that kind of thing. And exactly what to do at level up to get the most from it.
Sammie J

Joined: 2001.01.02 00:00:00
Messages: 110

That would have to be discussed with Mark. Gems and what they do is part of the Game Lore and not something we ever intended to just give the information about to new players. There are parts of the world which are designed to be 'learn as you experience it'. However I could mention that gems are said to have different properties and that it's worth them investigating their effects or something.
Matthew Dicks

Joined: 2003.11.03 00:00:00
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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Actually, the effects of the various gems is mentioned in the player's guide.
Mark Phillips

Joined: 1969.12.31 00:00:00
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Location: Watsonville, CA

Should it be? Maybe the mention you refer to should be removed, I dunno.

IMO to be in character, the Newbie Guide should stress some specifics about NW. This'll take her beyond being a simple intro to TC. That people in NW want to build a just and equal society, but that there are many competing schools of opinion on how to do that. That one broad area of consensus is that collective action is better than competition. That people in NW are generally apalled by the slavery in NE, but are of different opinions re how to respond to it. That many people in NW believe that the Southern Third is just as unfree as NE. These are just some thoughts.

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