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Please report manipulation of the game system  XML
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Mark Phillips

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Hi all:

Please make a point of reporting manipulation of the game system.

What does "manipulation" mean?

Well, it's a little bit like "pornography". I dunno how to write a rigorous legal definition. But, I know it when I see it.

To me, manipulation is use of quirks in the game system to achieve unfair advantage. For instance, it used to be possible to gain lots of experience by using the Hide, Move, and Hide commands over and over in the same room. Somebody finally reported that, and we fixed it.

Turns out people have been using the Track command in a similar way. Racking up mega experience by repetitively Tracking the same target over and over from the same room. Dunno how long ago somebody found that loophole in the game system.

Instead of taking advantage of things like this, please report them so that they can be fixed.

I'm sure there are a million more examples that would never occur to me. Please report them all when you find them. IMO they're bugs and the reports are very much appreciated.


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