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TriadCity Character
Several descriptions of the waters raging around Sanctuary Island use the word "sworls". Somebody asked me if this is a typo for "swirls". It's not. I really thought there was such a word as "sworls". I thought it meant the kind of confused sort-of-circular motion which happens when waves moving from different directions collide. I was sure there really was such a word.

Well, there wasn't. Not in the OED, not in any of the online English dictionaries I know of. Maybe this is the Old Norwegian word for "swirls", and I was an Old Norwegian in a past life.

Punchline: after some inner debate, I've decided to keep the word "sworls", because although it doesn't exist, it should. There's a need for that word, right where I used it. So if TC ever sort of catches on with people, maybe we'll be able to claim we added something new to the language.

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