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TriadCity Character

Today's "beta" release of TriadCity means all restrictions on membership and character creation have been removed.

This'll be the first time the anonymous public have been allowed into the TC game world, and it'll be the first time we'll all be interacting with characters not played by colleagues or personal friends.

We ask you to help in several ways. Be extra patient and supportive of newbies. Be tolerant of people's impatient behavior. And especially, help establish a culture of respect and collaboration.

There'll be times when new players are behaving inappropriately, and there's no administrator on to deal with them. If you can be patient, please just ignore them, and send an email to help explaining what happened. The good news is, newbies are so fragile in TC that they'll probably die without your assistance; so if there's an abusive 12-year-old on, just let him croak and nevermind. We're trying to error on the side of libertarianism, and would prefer not to build an elaborate mechanism of disciplinary systems. If we have to rethink that approach with experience, then so be it. Meanwhile, many many thanks for your understanding.

Pipe up with any questions!

And many many thanks again for all your help during "alpha" these last three months!


Bartle quotiet: E80, A67, S47, K7. TriadCity characters: Mark, Poobah, Occam, Abelard.
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