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Hi all:

With the beta release complete, thought I'd clue everybody in on what construction is currently planned, and in roughly what order. This is really just so you'll know what's up, I dunno that there's anything practical to do with this information:

1. The Park South was opened via the Gray Bridge last night. There are still some unfinished spots there. That'll be first.

2. The Gray Plaza.

3. The Gray Plaza Mall.

4. The Black Plaza Mall 3rd floor.

5. Complete the Tree of Life.

6. The Labyrinth.

7. The Park of Monsters ("Il Parco Dei Mostri".

8. The three statue gardens.

9. The Aviary.

10. The Library.

11. Complete St. Simon and his style.

Well anyway that'll keep me out of trouble for a while.

That's the plan as of today. To some extent the Muse is allowed to guide things as she sees fit. Will let you know if anything really drastic changes.


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