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TriadCity Character
I told TelGar (or whatever his real name is) that I would post some of my story on the BBS. So I've decided to post my prolouge to this one story called "The Shadow of Death and The Sword of Life; The Forgotten Story"
Hope you enjoy...
(Please don't claim this as your own. I've already gotten it copyrighted.)
There is a story of a time during the period of which Life and Death were not yet equal. For life to come death must be present. And for death to come life must be present.

However before life and death were equal, life was always more abundant than death. Thus a shadow of those who have died appeared. This shadow would constantly move from planet to planet seeking life. When the shadow found life it would cast itself across the planet and engulf it with itself. Many planets were destroyed of this havoc. And the balance of life and death tipped toward death.

Seeing what has happened in the balance of life and death those spirits who were alive forged a mighty sword to conquer this shadow. The first wielder of this sword of life and stop the shadow from spreading throughout the planet but in turn the shadow left seeking another planet of life. Thus the sword followed the shadow, making sure that the shadow would never engulf another planet. It chose those who were purest and bravest to fight back this death. And it held true for centuries to come....

No one knows whatever happen to the sword and the shadow. Some say that both soon grew tired of this constant battle and disapered forever. Others say that it came to a final battle and the sword vaquished the shadow for all eternity. Others speculate that the Shadow of Death finally returned the balance to normal and would only come back if the balance was thrown off again. However all are wrong.

The truth is....well, it takes place back to the last planet the shadow and the sword ever visted. But it?s not about what happened between the shadow and the sword. It?s what happen to the supposed hero of the sword. It?s Trigion?s story.

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