Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I get money?

In Midgaard you really have just three options:

1. Steal it. Thieves have the ability to pickpocket NPCs, and to pick the locks guarding hidden treasures. It's a good idea to have a Thief in your group as you explore.

2. Kill NPCs and loot it from their corpses. Unlike TriadCity where most NPCs carry little or no cash, the NPCs in Midgaard are typically loaded. Also unlike TriadCity, coins in Midgaard have no weight, meaning you an potentially loot trillions of them without finding yourself so weighted down you're unable to move.

3. Find it. There are major treasures scattered throughout the game world. Yours for the taking if you can discover them.

While Midgaard is still new, Bug reports can provide lower-level characters with excellent livings. We're not going to fix typos or spelling mistakes — these are parts of the verisimilitude of our emulation. But wacky things can sometimes happen in the code. If your bug report is verified you may receive as much as 10,000 Gold Coins depending on its severity. Tips for excellence in bug reporting are here.

Note that in Midgaard you can't buy Gold Coins with Reward Points. The Midgaard World has no concept of Reward Points — that's strictly a TriadCity thing.

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