Midgaard Message of the Day

Meghan and Lisa have worked closely with Mark the last few weeks to more closely integrate Midgaard with TriadCity.

Their focus has been on achieving attribute and combat equality between Midgaard and TriadCity native characters. This has been troublesome since the original is modeled on Dungeons & Dragons while TriadCity isn't. Which is to say, the underlying logic is quite different. We've had to play the original and our emulation side-by-side, with both Midgaard-native and TriadCity-native characters working through the emulation Zone by Zone until we now feel we've gotten it close enough to be almost identical.

One thing in our favor is that in the original, levels imply equality in ways TriadCity doesn't. In DikuMUD, all level 12 Warriors are pretty much the same, within some small random variations in hit and movement points. Characters in that world differentiate largely by the Equipment they're able to find, buy, or loot. Working against us is the fact that characters on our platform have triple the number of eq locations as the original, including piercings and tattoos, so that our characters are easily out of balance in relation to the world design. We could simply make it that these extra eq items don't count in Midgaard — but that seems overly literal. We prefer to fine-tune, so that in our emulation level 12 Warriors whether Midgaard or TriadCity native experience the Midgaard world as similarly to the original as we can get it. Many thanks to everyone helping out!

TriadCity players who've taken their characters through the Midgaard portal before now will notice significant differences in combat abilities. You might find it better while in Midgaard to put your TriadCity gear into an antigravity container and switch to Midgaard armor and weapons while you're there. Midgaard-native characters will help with that — in fact, Meghan and Lisa are making a point of keeping the Midgaard donation room stocked with valuables. We encourage experimentation for you to find the most optimal mix. Note also that after fine-tuning attribute and combat values we've removed the exp caps on TriadCity characters inside the Midgaard world.

From the perspective of TriadCity characters, Midgaard is an excellent, challenging 1800-room grinding area for Warriors, Thieves, or other violence-users. Along with Palatine, the Arachnid zones, Zaroff Park, Junk Food Jungle, the Nooboretum, and other TriadCity neighborhoods, our goal is for it to be part of the grinding ecology for these TC characters.

This integration is an ongoing work in progress. Thank you in advance for reporting exploits. Midgaard is not intended as a way for TC characters to gain 20 levels in three RL days. Please help us get the balance right. Thanks!

Stay safe out there! Meet you in The Middle Ages!