WHAT??!! Bugs, in our little programming masterpiece?! Sheesh!

Actually, considering how huge this thing is, the teeny number of open bugs is pretty not bad. Here's the current count. Currently Open: 4.  Total Verified: 1,759.  Total Reports: 4,672.

See below for current status. Note that we hide a few which we think might expose security risks. Also we hide the room ID from which the report originated. You can browse this list to see if an issue has already been reported; or to find out if you've been spiffed for yours.

Note also that bug counts are global for the entire SmartMonsters universe. The totals reflect 20+ years of TriadCity but include Midgaard as well.

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#Report DateCharacterBug ReportDeveloper CommentsVerified?Close DateValueSpiff Date
47369/12/22miltonthe 'nosuggest' command is unrecognized2022.09.13: This is fine via telnet. Is this an iOS problem? --Marknoopen  
472411/30/21chienshawith the iphone client i see the markup here noopen  
46997/24/21harleyquinn'help, how do i look up real estate?' help answered with the 'look' command.2021.07.26: verified, spiffed. ~poohyesopen10012/26/21
46844/12/21cinnakeyboard on android is hidden by the graffiti board - can't enter new messages noopen