Reward Points

Reward Points can be spent in-game to buy Practices; Energy, Health, Hunger or Thirst refills; game bucks; emergency Items such as torches; premium game Items; to make premium Roles available; to customize your Player House; to make an emergency recall to Sanctuary Island; and an ever-increasing list of other desirables.

Reward points are earned out-of-game for referring friends to SmartMonsters. You'll automatically earn Reward Points as your referred friends develop their characters. Each time any character created by a friend you've referred gains a Level, you'll receive Reward Points equal to the Level gained. That is, when a friend's character reaches level 5 you'll receive 5 Reward Points; at level 20, 20 points. Multiply this by the number of friends you bring into the game, and it can become a pretty attractive source of spiffage.

They're earned in-game by contributing to the virtual world. Building new content; suggesting new features; reporting obscure bugs. There are also caches of RPs inside the game world, although, trust us, they're challenging to find.

Of course you can also buy reward points, which is TriadCity's sole source of income. You may be shocked to learn that we appreciate it very much when you do.

And, we give them away from time to time via special promos. Read our newsletters, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter.

Reward Points can be used by any of your TriadCity characters. Use the intuitively-named rewardpoints command to see how many you've accumulated, or to redeem them any time you like.

Reward Points can be exchanged for these things:
          1 RP: 100 Dinars - type "rp dinars"
          1 RP: 1 torch - type "rp torch"
        2 RPs: 1 practice - type "rp practice"
        2 RPs: restore (500 max) energy - type "rp energy"
        2 RPs: full restore thirst - type "rp thirst"
        2 RPs: restore (500 max) health - type "rp health"
        2 RPs: full restore hunger - type "rp hunger"
      10 RPs: exp over level set to perfect 0 - type "rp perfect 0"
      10 RPs: reset drift to 0 - type "rp reset drift"
      10 RPs: instant recall - type "rp recall"
      10 RPs: 1 small display case - type "rp small display case"
      10 RPs: 500 health + energy - type "rp boost"
      10 RPs: one hour 2x xp - type "rp 2x exp"
      25 RPs: 1 small safe - type "rp small safe"
      50 RPs: full pardon - type "rp pardon"
      50 RPs: 1 medium display case - type "rp medium display case"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Constitution - type "rp constitution"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Strength - type "rp strength"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Charisma - type "rp charisma"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Wisdom - type "rp wisdom"
    100 RPs: 1 large display case - type "rp large display case"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Intelligence - type "rp intelligence"
    100 RPs: add 1 permanently to Dexterity - type "rp dexterity"
    125 RPs: 1 medium safe - type "rp medium safe"
    250 RPs: 1 large safe - type "rp large safe"
    250 RPs: 1 crimenet bioscanner - type "rp crimenet bioscanner"
    250 RPs: 1 crimenet detector - type "rp crimenet detector"
    500 RPs: 1 stealth box - type "rp stealth box"