The TriadCity Adventurer

All the News that Causes Fits — March 25, 2014

Interview With the Vampire

By Occam
Month of Goats 27, Year of the Dragon 7

Believe you me, I felt my horse and cart thump as I climbed those stairs. Heard the rush, felt the pulse. Fit to alley, I don't mind to admit, and a rough house of it. Some bleeding thing up there wants me for pudding. Bloody hell.

Why I paid such little bacon to decor is your sweet Tess and mine. You'd think I'd be gobsmacked by the penthouse of the bloody Ba Pef Hotel. No, not by that. By my hostess, who was so... so... compelling. I could look only to her, and though by Tom Jones I can't say what she looks like, I can testify that I've seen her everywhere in TriadCity, and so have you.

Occam:  The Central Computer itself has guaranteed my safety...

Vampire:  Now, now. [Her voice is soothing, like a mother comforting a frightened child.] You're my guest! Have some ginger ale.

Occam:  I was expecting...

Vampire:  Bloody marys? Blood sausage, blood pudding? I'm a strict vegan. Would you like some celery?


New Stores in Virtual Vegas

Virtual Vegas' upscale Third Floor Galleria now hosts a half dozen trend-setting new shops:

  • Retro Denim: if it's not blue, we don't carry it.
  • Mary Quant Revival: Swinging London, without the untidy marching.
  • Queen Bee Salon: for the elite bouffant.
  • Wilder Western Wear: when only the finest chaps will do.
  • Hippie Heaven: '60s fashions, without the untidy marching.
  • Charisma City: if you want it bright, here it is.

Bring the kids! Bring the nanny! See you today.

New Films Showing in Merchant City

The Metropolitan Theater is proudly showing Fritz Lang's 1927 Expressionist masterpiece, Metropolis.

The Theatre du Roi shows Jean-Christophe Averty's 1965 film version of Jarry's Ubu Roi.

Zarathustra's Coffee House and Theatre shows key works by Eisenstein and Vertov.

Free popcorn! If you employ a nanny, you probably won't enjoy yourself.


Top Characters By Level

26 Aly
26 Viana
25 Alexis
25 Ylva
24 Gwene
23 Herbz
23 Laia
23 Rienne
22 Dorcha
22 ZodiacWoman

Top Characters By Connect Time

235d: 8h: 25m Gwene
78d: 4h: 32m Harleyquinn
68d: 2h: 44m Jococo
64d: 8h: 52m Mystier
58d: 10h: 50m Leroi
57d: 16h: 32m Pantomime
57d: 11h: 2m Ria
55d: 15h: 9m Mannikin
54d: 19h: 32m Ylva
53d: 3h: 7m Granger

Total Connect Time By Gender

4y: 319d: 6h: 56m Women
2y: 256d: 18h: 28m Men


NPC Deaths This Week

7,325 mosquito
5,486 condemned criminal
5,471 condemned criminal
4,473 flea
3,770 fly
1,006 pigeon
503 wasp
279 lame horse
271 three-legged dog
250 aged camel
59 dump rat
28 dump rat
10 beastly fido
5 slave
4 beastly fido

Wanted By CrimeNet



Chariot Factions Ranked by Victories

RED 3,933
BLUE 2,454
GREEN 1,677
WHITE 1,601

Top Ten Charioteers Ranked by Victories

Porphyrius 720
Pontius Epaphroditus 621
Scortius 562
Olympus 520
Epaphroditus 498
Olympianus 492
Juvencus 476
Diocles 465
Lacerta 432
Diomedes 418


This Week's Connect Time By Character

Jococo 1d: 12h: 54m
Mystier 1d: 3h: 51m
Harleyquinn 1d: 3h: 13m
Leroi 23h: 37m
Mannikin 21h: 54m
Granger 21h: 11m
Golem 20h: 40m
Analder 9h: 52m
Pantomime 5h: 36m
Moorea 0h: 0m
Vicodin 0h: 0m
Vander 0h: 0m


New This Week

9494 Chastain 2021-09-21
9495 Ferin 2021-09-22


Spiffs This Week


2: 105
3: 244
4: 434
5: 719
6: 1,128
7: 1,790
8: 2,716
9: 4,282
10: 6,597
11: 9,997
12: 15,770
13: 23,637
14: 37,862
15: 61,622
16: 98,547
17: 153,370
18: 245,161
19: 385,372
20: 618,526
21: 1,028,461
22: 1,564,432
23: 2,309,972
24: 4,852,703
25: 7,261,351
26: 7,454,489


Redemptions By Character




– NorthWestern Third: Barmalindar evolution
– NorthWestern Third: Agora
– NorthEastern Third: Paris Gardens: blood sports
– NorthEastern Third: Maboj bot Ob evolution
– NorthEastern Third: Palatine
– Southern Third: The Garden of Forking Paths – Southern Third: Nightmare Clinic


– NorthEastern Third: Gold Mine