Dream a TriadCity Dream

One of the waycool things about TriadCity is that TC characters dream when they sleep. Of course, they dream -- er -- interesting dreams. The example below is just one possibility. Refresh the page as many times as you like to see others.

Note that the dreams you see here are slightly limited compared to the ones in-game. That's because the game engine has access to every character's complete life history, capabilities, and other attributes. It's able to tailor dreams more toward each individual. These are more generic. But, they're still pretty cool!

Please do refresh as many times as you like to continue dreaming.

He has seen a fair share go under in his time, lying around him field after field. Folded akimbo against her waist. Under the sandwichbell lay on a bier of bread one last, one lonely, last sardine of summer. Website Dreamer alone. Someone was to read them there after a few thousand years, a mahamanvantara. Vats of porter, wonderful.

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