Dungeon Message of the Day

Greetings, cretin!

SmartMonsters' emulation of the classic text adventure Dungeon, later called Zork, is online for alpha testing.

Dungeon is a puzzle-based world where you collect points to win. You're awarded points for finding and retrieving treasures, and to a lesser extent for making you way past difficult obstacles. The puzzles are frequently aggravating, the jokes hilarious. Our emulation runs on the TriadCity server platform; we've had a blast putting it together.

Unlike TriadCity and Midgaard, Dungeon is a single-player World. When you go there, you'll find yourself alone facing mysteries and dangers. Since Dungeon runs on the TriadCity platform, we've left open the basic communication channels, so you can talk with friends regardless which World they currently inhabit.

Dungeon was the classic template for nearly everything that came after. Every subsequent MUD derives something from its mechanics, command parser, and ambiance. Classic exploration and adventure games of later generations such as Myst, Tomb Raider and many others follow its lead. We're very proud to offer our version here for free for everyone interested.

"Alpha" means things are still rough-and-ready in places. We're still smoothing out differences between Dungeon and TriadCity mechanics and messaging. And we haven't yet implemented the endgame. Apart from those details the Dungeon World is feature-complete and ready to rumba.

Meet you in The Great Underground Empire!