Dungeon was originally written in 1977 by these programmers of the Dynamic Modeling Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science:

In subsequent years there were many ports and adaptations made by hackers, mostly at university CS departments. Best-known was Infocom's commercial release Zork. As a young hacker at the University of New Mexico, SmartMonsters' co-founder Gary Smith ported a pre-Infocom version from MDL to C, considerably enhancing the parser and the game world based on his observations of player behavior.

Our emulation follows the earliest versions we could find, C ports dated from the 1980s. These have many differences from Infocom's commercial Zork series. See our attempt at a history of Dungeon / Zork for details.

We plan to bring Gary's enhanced evolution online some time in 2021, perhaps fully-updated to the far richer TriadCity platform. Watch this space.