How to Play Dungeon

The Dungeon Players' Guide


Dungeon is a single-player World. It's just you, your puzzle-solving skills, and the handful of crucial automated characters you'll meet as you explore:

  1. The Troll guards a crucial matrix of Exits he won't allow you to pass. You'll have to find some way to deal with him.
  2. The Cyclops guards a different junction. You won't be able to deal with him in the same way as the Troll. Each of these characters presents unique challenges.
  3. The Gnome of Zurich will help you out of a difficulty, for a price.
  4. The Grue is a must to avoid. Keep a light on, you'll be fine.
  5. The Robot will accept your orders. Give it the right ones, all will be well.
  6. Evil Spirits guard an important gate. They're already dead, so you won't be killing them. You'll have to find another way.
  7. The Thief is a mighty nuisance. Potentially a deadly one. But you can turn him to your advantage, if you're clever.