How to Play Dungeon

The Dungeon Players' Guide

Welcome to Dungeon!

What is Dungeon?

Dungeon is an inventive and hilarious virtual world of about 200 Rooms. There you solve puzzles and collect valuable treasures, for which you're awarded points. There are 585 points: find them all, and you win!

Getting Started

You are outside a house. Before going anywhere else, find your way inside and Take the Items there: you'll need them for what follows. Light the lantern: you're about to go underground, where nearly all of this World is dark. Don't Eat the food, or Drink the bottle: they'll be needed later. Find your way down to the cellar: and proceed from there.

As you explore, you'll find tools you'll need for solving the many puzzles. And, you'll find the treasures which award you points. Bring the treasures back to the house, Put them in the trophy case: most of your points come from these sources.

You'll encounter several characters, most of whom are not particularly friendly. Part of the challenge is to discover the best ways to interact with them.

You may die. Take heart! — death is not permanent. When you die you'll find yourself back in front of the house where you started. Use the Save command before doing anything which might be dangerous. Use the Restore command to return to your last save point.

That's it!

You're following in the footsteps of thousands of explorers since this World's first release in 1977.