Frequently-Asked Questions

Why isn't TriadCity graphical?

If by "graphical" one means to imply, 3D cartoony in the tradition of Second Life or World of Warcraft, our considered answer is, yuck.

We find the Saturday-morning imagery of those worlds shallow and off-putting. The imagery we create inside our own heads is so much more rich and expressive!

Also, text is more conducive to the kinds of artistic experiences we hope to achieve. The subtle subjective cues we use to differentiate one character's experience from another are less rich and more obvious when tied to graphical visual events. That was a mouthful but what it means is, text lets us do more of what interests us.

Maybe one day genuinely compelling visual virtual worlds will be technologically possible, like the holodeck on Star Trek. That'll be cool.

For us, SL isn't that.

Many seem to agree. Over the years TriadCity has become home to many thousands of refugees from these cartoon experiences.


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