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TriadCity's superawesome chatterbot Oscar has been massively upgraded. We've added many thousands of epigrams, aphorisms and opinions on topics as diverse as art, literature, religion, masks, secrets, friendship, acting, absinthe, America, furniture, excess, meals, history, crime and punishment, the public, men and women, martyrdom, prison, journalism, marriage, government, wallpaper, and of course, the meaning of life. More than merely a machine for firing off witty epigrams, our Oscar is now a comprehensive repository of Wilde's wit, wisdom, and opinions. Naturally he's still hilarious.

This expanded content is culled from exhaustive reading of Wilde's collected works; multiple biographies; memoirs of friends and acquaintances; collections of Wildean epigrams; and anthologies of quotations on the Internet and in academic libraries around the world.

Additionally, the programming which triggers Oscar's choice of response has been overhauled, making it far more detailed and specific. And, we've added many thousands of tests to try to ensure that Oscar's interventions into TriadCity conversations are as reasonably on-target as possible.

Oscar is a labor of love for us. We think he's a remarkable example of how much fun chatterbot technology can be when applied to an appropriate literary subject. We hope you agree!

To best appreciate Oscar's cleverness, chat with him inside TriadCity. You can converse with him in a more limited way from the Web site. But Oscar truly excels when he chooses to intervene into TriadCity conversations without being prompted. For that experience, spend some time in The City.

See you there!

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