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Elves in TriadCity are not Tolkien's Aryan supermen, with minds like Einstein and bodies like Orlando Bloom. Not unlike the blankets many favor as outerwear, they're threadbare, wearworn, and all but exhausted.

TriadCity's Elves are a displaced population, driven into ghettos in NorthEast, favelas in the South, refugee tent-shtetls in NorthWest. Increasingly forced from the other Thirds, they stream into the Barmalindar urban forest in NorthWest in daily larger numbers. The people of NorthWest assist as they can, but the problem of mass asylum threatens to overwhelm civic resources. There is no clear plan and no evident direction.

Alcoholism among Elves is common. In NorthEast especially Elves are widely stereotyped as drunken and lazy. Hizzonor the Mayor has been known to use the expression "Drunk as an Elf on Sunday" in public. Depression, domestic violence, recreational drug abuse are also common.

Elves view themselves as a people dispossessed of not only property but also culture. There is great resentment among younger militants of the widespread cultural appropriation common not only in the South, but in the NorthWest as well. There, a tendency to romanticize the "nobility" of the Elvish people while mimicking their ancient customs can be frequently encountered.

While the older generations tend to be subdued in public, currents of younger activists are emerging, especially among those in contact with the radical student movements at TC University, or the left wing of the industrial union movement throughout the Third. It is certainly true that Elves are among the most accomplished Liberators. It is rumored that underground Elvish factions train with the White Rose in NorthEast, or the Red and Black Brigades in Rubble City. Whether these rumors have substance no-one can say, but they speak to the fear of uprising shared by many privileged citizens, in the wealthy South especially.

If these currents do exist, they're tiny compared to the dispossessed mass of refugees. Elvish society has been shattered beyond recognition. What the future will bring, is anyone's guess.

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